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Make your vision so clear that your fears become irrelevant

Fear is a powerful emotion.  Most of the time we are either responding to people and situations from a place of fear or love.  When we let fear run the show we are left with regret, remorse, anxiety, and disappointment. But when love takes over.... that's a whole other ballgame.  

Why not start this week by meditating on what your really want your life to look like?  Close your eyes  right now and picture everything about it.  See yourself in the place and situations you want to be, creating happiness and abundance &  being successful.  Can you feel it? Can you see it?  

  The first step is to visualize your  intentions.  Focusing on the specifics helps us to create the real thing in life.  And when we are able to truly stay focused on our endgame, NOTHING will stand in our way!  This is when LOVE takes over and fear has no place to go and becomes irrelevant to what is truly happening. The universe has a plan for you; just get out of the way and let it enfold....

Remember, what  we think we become.  So why not think big!  Think Bold!  Think Beyond expectation!  You truly are the master of your own destiny; you just need to quiet the mind and the body to hear your heart and all the dreams it has and wants to make  come true...What's your vision?

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