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Energy Flows where Intention Goes

Energy is a vibration.  Everything has an energy. Our thoughts and actions have energy...... Setting a daily intention or set of intentions helps to clear the mind and focus our actions  for the day.   Starting each day  in a clear quiet space so we can slow down our breathing, relax our bodies and minds,  hear our own thoughts without  distractions is the gift we give ourselves. Reconnecting everyday in this way helps to  re-energize us and to stay present in the moment. Daily living, stress, work and family obligations makes it easy to check out and be influenced by others, social media, television, movies, etc.  The real journey in life is with ourselves and all the answers we seek lie within. 
 The daily practice of setting intentions helps bring clarity to our minds.  If we truly are  listening, it  reconnects us to our true purpose on the planet.  We may not have  figured that out or it may even change overtime; everyone's  is different and personal.  When you are living your life in direct alignment to your life purpose, your body, your actions, have an energy that is palpable and contagious. You are awake and alive.  People feel it and want to be around you.
  Have you every had someone say, " I love your energy"?  Make no mistake, there is a positive vibe that people are attracted to when you are focused, living your life with purpose and intention.  Positive attracts more positive.  Couldn't we all use more positive energy in our lives?  So why not start this week with a new practice of intention and purpose.  Just think, where will your energy flow?   

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I will try to remember your wise words. You are probably right about it.
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I have to agree with this blog. Energy is something that we should always have, for our work, school, activity and social life. We can get energy from eating an extra amount of food and having a complete 8 hours of sleep. We can’t do our task without energy in our body, that is why energy is very important. Sometimes we can get an energy from a person that will make us happy. I really enjoy reading your blog. I’m looking forward for more of your blog.
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